Dead dog, dead dog

Another day in Mexico spend exploring the magnificent natural beauty of the country, resting in hot springs while little cascades forms down the mountain side – here in this spot true beauty exists!

But across the mountain peek reality hits you once again – a glimpse from the headlights catches something lying lifeless in the middle of the road – a dead dog left after being hit by a car, who seemingly did not care to stop! Cars pass him, no one stops except us. As I step out and walk towards him I am filled with both sadness and frustration. His body is still warm but a hit to his head from the collision has killed him. As I pick him up I apologize for the selfishness that is mankind, and carry him to the side of the street, finding the softest spot possible in this desert land. Above on a seemingly bare bush, I find a little yellow flower to place where his collar should have been. Tears are running down my cheeks as I walk back to the car.

No one knows what to do next, but I am determined not to just leave him there and we start our online search while driving to the nearest town. As we enter the town boarder we spot a police car and immediately drive up to them to explain the situation. The situation sadly does not seem new to them, and they promise us to go get the dog right away.

Silence fills the car afterwards, only broken by one question…would you have stopped?




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