Month January 2019

child-dog interaction
You see it almost daily on social media - a child-dog interaction, some good but most of them quite dangerous. In this blog we dive into how to create a positive child-dog interaction and what you as the parent absolutely should and should not do.
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Nice walk - how to
There is so much well meaning advice and different methods out there, that it can be hard as a dog owner to know which one to choose. This ends with most of us trying out different methods and often ending up with an unsuccessful result. Along with frustration and giving up. In this blog we talk about how to make your walk with your dog successful and fun.
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dress up
Dressing up your dogs in costumes can make your dog very uncomfortable, stressed and create a severe mistrust between your dog and yourself. In this blog we dive deep into why you should NOT dress up your dog and what you can do instead.
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