A little about us... 1

A little about us…

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So, we have finally done it – we moved! Not super far, just a couple of hours West to Gothenburg. We are not quit settled yet, but slowly getting there, creating a new home every day all the while exploring the hilly terrain surrounding us. The nature is different here – lots of forest but with a lot of different cliff formations, so our new walking adventures are not only new but also a little challenging for both the human and the doggie legs – a good muscle build up. We cannot wait to explore the coast though, as having water near you always brings peace and happiness to the heart.

The pups have already settled in quit well, and are enjoying sniffing out new grounds, leaving them ready for a nap when being back home, while the humans are still trying to work out the moving mess and setting up business being jealous of all the dog naps.

It’s a new adventure and hopefully a magnificent one which we hope you will join us in!

Ready to explore? 😀