Who am I

As a dog ethologist my aim is to provide expert content based on the latest scientific knowledge within dog behaviour in order to give you the best tools to work with your dog

My name is Charlotte and I am a dog behaviourist also known as a dog Ethologist (What is an Ethologist? Watch here!). In spring 2017 I graduated from Linköping University, Sweden with a Master degree in Applied Ethology and Animal Biology.

Through additional courses from Linköping University I specialized in dog behaviour and started my own company Life with a dog in 2017 (see all my qualifications below).

Life with a Dog helps owners solve their dog behaviour problems and also offers lectures to other dog professionals in dog behaviour and how to set your business up to be a place your dog clients loves.

My knowledge is based on science and hands-on experience.

Life with a Dog only works with positive and rewarding methods, supported by science.

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My own dog Chester, whom I adopted from a shelter in Portugal 11 years ago, is my ambassador and social media star, helping me spread knowledge about dog behaviour.


  • Degree of Master of Science in Biology in the Master Programme Applied Ethology and Animal Biology
  • Behavior and Biology of the Dog, part 2 – Linköpings University
  • Behavior and Biology of the Dog, part 3 – Linköpings University
  • Starter course – Building your dog’s confidence, Victoria Stilwell Academy
  • Certificate for Dog-massage for home use, Hundhörnan Skåne