About Life with a Dog

As a dog ethologist my aim is to provide expert content based on the latest scientific knowledge within dog behaviour in order to give you the best tools to work with your dog

Positive methods

Life with a Dog only works with positive, rewarding methods in our training. We want both you and your dog to have fun!

Scientifically based

All training is based on the latest scientific research within dog behaviour.

Signature Programs

With our 4 different signature programs we have streamlined the learning, making sure to cover all you need to know to help your dog


Knowledge is power! We want you to become a dog expert in your own dog with training based on both teaching you and your dog!

Life with a Dog both provides one to one consultations for dog owners through our 4 signature programs and is an online platform where you can find webinars, courses and we even have a full Dog Body Language Library, that will help you learn how to communicate better with your dog.

The Team

Who am I


CEO Life with a Dog

Dog ethologist ready to help you with your dog’s behaviour problems!


Former Portuguese street dog with a flair for emptying the trash can.

Now couch potato, social media star and devoted helper (for treats of course!)


Degree of Master of Science in Biology

Graduated 2017 from Linköping University, Sweden in the Master program Applied Ethology and Animal Biology

Building your dog’s confidence

Starter course at the Victoria Stillwell academy 2018

Behavior and Biology of the Dog

Behaviour and Biology of the dog part 2 + 3.

Linköping University 2017

Certificate for Dog-massage for home use

Hundhörnan Skåne 2018

Empowered Dog Winter Summit 2020

Online lectures about dog behaviour.


You can now find us on lifewadog.com