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As owners we are often mortified when our dogs shows reactivity. We shutter from the discomfort of drawing attention to us and try to escape the judgemental looks we feel other people around us are giving us. We just want our dogs to stop reacting. In this blog we look into what reactivity is and how we help our dogs to stop reacting.
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Separation anxiety
If you have ever lived with a dog with separation anxiety you will recognise the frustration and stress from not being able to leave your home without your dog. In this blog we look into what separation anxiety is and how you can help your dog through it.
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Stress in dogs
Is your dog stressed? Stress in dogs not only affects them physically, it can also alter their behaviour. Help your dog manage their stress using these 5 suggestions on how to help your dog cope better with their stress.
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Give me a choice!
Giving your dog a choice is one of the most important things you can do. Dogs are conscious, intelligent beings with emotions and needs of their own. In this blog we dive into why choice for dogs is so important and what you can do to give your dog more choice in their everyday life.
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The convenient food bowl
We serve our dog’s food in a way that is convenient for us. Drizzle some kibble into the bowl and put it in front of our dogs but by doing that we are actually doing our dogs a disservice! In this blog we look into enrichment and why it is so important for your dog to be mentally stimulated.
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Stop using aversive dog training methods
When comparing positive punishment versus positive reinforcement, science found that both where equally effective. In this blog we look into what training method science tells you to use and the benefits you get from reinforcing your dog in a positive rewarding manner.
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Dog socialization
Socialization does not only cover getting adapted to other dogs or animals, it also involves being introduced to new environments, sounds and many different people. In this blog we look into the importance of socialization and provide tips on how you can best socialize your new puppy.
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Mental stimulation
Mental stimulation can range from play sessions, search games and training. The cue is to activate your dog's brain. In this blog we look into why mental stimulation is so important and how it can decrease problem behaviours.
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