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happy association
It has been found that dogs that gets a lot of happy associations with a lot of different people, places, things and other animals early on in life are less prone to develop fear and anxiety later on in life. But how can you give your dog those happy associations? We look into how you can create happy associations for your dog and why they are so important.
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Pack leader or companion
The dog world is split into two. Those who believe that the dog should be a companion who is treated as a family member against those who believe that you should be the pack leader and use dominance against your dog. Get ready to debunk the dominance theory with scientific facts in this blog!
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How much does our dogs really understand when we speak to them and does it matter how you speak to your dog? In this blog we look into how much dogs understand when we talk to them and if intonation of the words we say play a role in our dog's understanding.
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dog tail wag
We all know that a high loosely wagging tail means that a dog is happy, but what if your dog's tail could tell you about some of the most inner feelings your dog is having. In this blog we look into the science behind the dog tail and how you can learn to decode the different meanings of your dog's tail.
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Is one breed more intelligent then another? Does a wagging tail really mean that a dog is happy and can dogs plan ahead? In this blog we do some myth busting. Find out what myths in the dog world hold true and which are just a wives tale.
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fur colour
These days, you can find a dog in almost any colour, even within the same breed you can get different colours. But why has dogs fur colour changed so much from when they started their domestication till now and how does it affect their behaviour? All that and more in this blog.
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Relation dog-human
In this blog we will be talking about the relation between human and dog and how a myth can be debunked by science. As the myth goes: Dogs are opportunists who prefers the person who feeds them. But is that…
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Emotions in dogs
Behind every behavior lies an emotion. Talking about emotions in dogs is something relatively new in the scientific world of dog behavior. The neuroscientist Gregory Berns was one of the first to establish that dogs really does empathize with us…
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