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senior dogs
As a dog grows older you will begin to see differences in his/her behaviour. Little hints here and there that shows you that age is catching up, showing you that your dog is becoming a senior dog. In this blog we talk about the senior dog and how you can make his/hers senior years golden!
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Dog teeth
We all know how expensive a vet visit can be! Not to mention the risk of sedation when your fur-ball needs to get that annoying plaque removed around his/her teeth. Luckily during the last couple of years, dog owners has…
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Dog domestication
Domestication in dogs began between 15.000 and 32.000 years ago in South East Asia. Wolves and human settlers had lived side by side for centuries before that. However, 15.000 years ago the story goes that a female wolf decided to…
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A dog's hearing
Dogs can hear in the frequency range between 41-44000 Hertz whereas humans hear in the range of 20-20000 Hertz. This means that dogs hear things that humans don’t. In this blog we dive into the physiology of the ear and how your dog's hearing affect their behaviour.
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Dog vision
Is the myth that humans see better than dogs really true? Many people believe that dogs do not see as well as humans, but is it really so or is there more behind your dog's cute puppy eyes then what you think? In this blog we dive into the physiology of a dog’s eyes and how a dog's vision can affect their behaviour.
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Kong toy
This weeks blog will give you 3 super fun ways to use a Kong toy. A Kong toy can be used to enrich your dog’s daily life and can be made more difficult as your dog learn how to figure…
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Fear in dogs
The behaviour our dogs show when they are afraid is often what causes a problem for us. We just want that behaviour to stop, but as with all other emotions, fear is not something rational. In this blog we look into how you can help your dog overcome their fear.
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child-dog interaction
You see it almost daily on social media - a child-dog interaction, some good but most of them quite dangerous. In this blog we dive into how to create a positive child-dog interaction and what you as the parent absolutely should and should not do.
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