Dogs speak to use all the time using their dog body language. In these blogs you will learn how to read dog body language and thereby understand your dog better.

dog tail wag
We all know that a high loosely wagging tail means that a dog is happy, but what if your dog's tail could tell you about some of the most inner feelings your dog is having. In this blog we look into the science behind the dog tail and how you can learn to decode the different meanings of your dog's tail.
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A dog's hearing
Dogs can hear in the frequency range between 41-44000 Hertz whereas humans hear in the range of 20-20000 Hertz. This means that dogs hear things that humans don’t. In this blog we dive into the physiology of the ear and how your dog's hearing affect their behaviour.
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Dog vision
Is the myth that humans see better than dogs really true? Many people believe that dogs do not see as well as humans, but is it really so or is there more behind your dog's cute puppy eyes then what you think? In this blog we dive into the physiology of a dog’s eyes and how a dog's vision can affect their behaviour.
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Dog Body Language
It has been scientifically shown that the more humans try to communicate with their dog, i.e. try to read their body language, the more the dog will try to communicate. Learn the basics of dog body language in this blog and start improving your communication and your bond with your dog.
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