Learn why enrichment is so important when it comes to preventing behavioral problems and how you can enrich your dog’s life.

The convenient food bowl
We serve our dog’s food in a way that is convenient for us. Drizzle some kibble into the bowl and put it in front of our dogs but by doing that we are actually doing our dogs a disservice! In this blog we look into enrichment and why it is so important for your dog to be mentally stimulated.
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Mental stimulation
Mental stimulation can range from play sessions, search games and training. The cue is to activate your dog's brain. In this blog we look into why mental stimulation is so important and how it can decrease problem behaviours.
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Kong toy
This weeks blog will give you 3 super fun ways to use a Kong toy. A Kong toy can be used to enrich your dog’s daily life and can be made more difficult as your dog learn how to figure…
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