Are you having problems with your dog’s behavior? Or do you simply want to understand your dog’s behavior better and create a better bond with your dog. These blogs will take you through common dog behavior problems and tips on how to solve them as well as how to understand why your dog is reacting in specific ways and the underlying emotions your dog might be feeling.

Remember that if you do have problems with your dog the best is always to contact a qualified Ethologist to get professional help.

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Lifestyle disease in dogs
Lifestyle diseases are getting more and more common in dogs. In this blog we go through why there is such ...
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OCD in dogs
Can dogs really suffer from OCD? The answer is yes dogs can suffer from compulsive disorders (OCD)! In dogs’ ...
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fur-color and behavior
Does the color of a dog’s fur really say something about their behavior? Well yes it can! Where does the ...
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Emotions in dogs
Behind every behavior lies an emotion. Talking about emotions in dogs is something relatively new in the scientific world of ...
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senior dogs
As a dog age, they change and so does their needs. You might have noticed that those energetic puppy outbursts ...
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Separation anxiety
The other day browsing through social media I came across a dog group (happens quite often in my feed, as ...
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A dog's hearing
We all know that a dog’s hearing is exceptional, but how does a dog’s ear really work? And how does ...
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Dog vision
Today we will talk about a dog's vision and if the myth that humans see better than dogs is true ...
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Sensitive stomach dog
Do you have a dog with a sensitive stomach? My little C does too. He has had a sensitive stomach ...
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Fear in dogs
Behind every behavior lies an emotion Today we are talking about fear in dogs and I thought I would first ...
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child-dog interaction
You see it almost daily on social media - a child-dog interaction, some good but most of them quite dangerous ...
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New year
Is your dog afraid of fireworks? Do you struggle to get your dog through the new year? In this blog ...
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