Dog’s are communicating through their dog body language, but how well can we humans really understand what they are saying?

In these blogs you will get tips and tricks to understand your dog’s body language better, so that both your communication and your bond can become stronger.

dog tail wag
Happy tail wag, happy dog? Happy tail wag means a happy dog, right? But is it really that simple or ...
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fur-color and behavior
Does the color of a dog’s fur really say something about their behavior? Well yes it can! Where does the ...
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Emotions in dogs
Behind every behavior lies an emotion. Talking about emotions in dogs is something relatively new in the scientific world of ...
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dress up
Are you playing doggie dress up? Here are some reasons why you should stop dressing up your dog! I have ...
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Dog Body Language
Dogs speak to us constantly, maybe not by using sound but by using their body language. In fact, this does ...
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