These blogs are meant as an aid for you who struggle with your dog’s behaviour problem. Learn to understand dog behaviour better.

Stress in dogs
Is your dog stressed? Stress in dogs not only affects them physically, it can also alter their behaviour. Help your dog manage their stress using these 5 suggestions on how to help your dog cope better with their stress.
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How much does our dogs really understand when we speak to them and does it matter how you speak to your dog? In this blog we look into how much dogs understand when we talk to them and if intonation of the words we say play a role in our dog's understanding.
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fur-color and behavior
Does the color of a dog’s fur really say something about their behavior? Well yes it can! Where does the…
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Emotions in dogs
Behind every behavior lies an emotion. Talking about emotions in dogs is something relatively new in the scientific world of…
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Fear in dogs
Behind every behavior lies an emotion Today we are talking about fear in dogs and I thought I would first…
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Nice walk - how to
How to teach your dog to walk nicely is not only a highly debated topic but also what I find…
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New year
Is your dog afraid of fireworks? Do you struggle to get your dog through the new year? In this blog…
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