Private consultation – 600 SEK / hour

I come to your home were we root down the problem and perhaps if “lucky” see the unwanted behavior in action. Based on our talk a step by step plan is made and send to you after the consultation.


Getting a dog consultation – 500 SEK / hour

Are you getting a dog and need advice on how to best welcome your new buddy as well as what to think about both before and after his or her arrival? I will come to your home and answer all of your questions as well as provide advice on how best to go around getting a dog in order to have a successful start for the both of you.


Consultation & 3 follow-up visits (4 hours total) – 3000 SEK

We start with a home consultation where we talk through the unwanted behavior you see in your dog, where after a plan is made for you to follow step by step. Shortly after we have our 2nd meeting where I show you how to implement the plan using positive methods.

The 3rd and 4th visits are planned hereafter and used as follow ups to improve the techniques.


Puppy Package 5 visits (5 hours total) – 2500 SEK

Getting a new puppy is both exciting and challenging and some professional help can be a good addition to tackle those puppy troubles and learn how to best stimulate and enrich your puppy’s life so he or she can grow up as a happy, confident and well mannered dog.


Walk with an Ethologist – 200 SEK / hour

Is walking your dog causing you stress and frustration? Then book a meeting with me and I’ll help you make your walks fun and enjoyable. I work with anything from leash reactivity, pulling, refusing to walk etc.


Shelter/vet clinic

Living in a shelter or going to the vet can alter a dog’s behaviour tremendously. I can offer counseling or lectures in how to understand dog behavior better based on scientific research for the staff at your shelter or vet clinic or consultations for the owners visiting your clinic. I can also help you set up an environment to make the dogs feel more comfortable or work with the dogs in the shelter to make them more adoptable.


Online consultation – 1 hour – 400 SEK

Have questions about your dog’s behavior that you need answers to here and now, or do you live far away and in need of some consultation for your dog, book an online meeting with me and let me help you!


Additional transport fees will be added for home visits.

Cancellation policy: Cancellations must be given 24 hours in advance, else a full fee will be charged.