Who am I?

Who am I

I am Charlotte and I am an Animal behaviorist also known as an Ethologist (What is an Ethologist? Watch here!). In spring 2017 I graduated from Linköping University, Sweden with a Master degree in Applied Ethology and Animal Biology.

Hereafter I started my own company Life with a dog, an animal behavior consultant company helping both dog owners as well as clinics and shelters to understand dog behavior a little better by providing consultations, lectures and sharing the latest scientific knowledge.

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I have 2 dogs of my own, Chester and Belga, whom I adopted from a shelter in Portugal 8 and 7 years ago. They are my ambassadors and social media stars, helping me spread knowledge about dog behavior.


  • Degree of Master of Science in Biology in the Master Programme Applied Ethology and Animal Biology
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  • Behavior and Biology of the Dog, part 2 – Linköpings University
  • Behavior and Biology of the Dog, part 3 – Linköpings University
  • Starter course – Building your dog’s confidence, Victoria Stilwell Academy
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  • Certificate for Dog-massage for home use, Hundhörnan Skåne
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