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Essential things you MUST own when having a dog

Here is a list of what I find to be MUST haves in a dog home, hope they will help you <3

  • A couple of different dog toys

My suggestion would be a tug robe, Kong, ball and a bunch of different enrichment toys such as a dog spinny, but it all depends on what your dog likes. Bring them with you to the pet store and let them pick out their own toys.

  • Dog food

People feed their dog differently – some with kibble, some with wet food, some feed Raw. The most important thing to remember here is that if you get a puppy be sure to talk to your vet about their diet to make sure that all their nutritional needs are covered. This of course also goes for the adult dog. Should you try to change their diet do it gradually, starting with a little taste, mixing it in with their normal food and then slowly adding more and more until the transfer is complete. This is in order for their stomachs to adjust so they don’t get diarrhea etc. I feed my dogs a mix and try to find the most natural and environmentally friendly foods possible. Right now we use a brand called Magnusson which has gotten the KRAV certification. I’ve tried many different brands, mostly based on what my dogs like. Chester in particular has a sensitive stomach and are on top of that also picky with what he eats but this brand seems to work well.

  • A basket with a duvet or blanket

Make it comfortable for them. A safe place they can go to relax with no disturbances. You can have different spots with different blankets. Observe where your dog likes to lie and put a blanket or their basket there.

  • Leash

I personally prefer a leash where you can change the length in different hooks. A flexi-line is smart if you want to give your dog a little more freedom but can’t have him/her lose.

  • Harness

There are so many different kinds, some hook in the front, some on the bag, but none the less they have been proven to be better than attaching the leash to the collars so go get yourself a harness.

  • Treats

Tons and tons of them! Figure out what your dog favorite treats are. Have treats of different value for when you do different things, as an example is Recall needs a very delicious treat in order for your dog to think it is worth leaving this lovely smell and come back to you. If you are up for it make the treats yourself, last week I made cheese bites and the dogs loved them, check out the recipe here:


  • Toothbrush and toothpaste

You need to brush your dog’s teeth 1-2 times daily or provide chew bones (dental sticks does not work!) regularly in order to keep your dog’s teeth looking sharp. You can get a softer toothbrush for puppies which is a good start. We have recently tried bamboo toothbrushes. They are a little soft but also have a smaller head making it easier to brush.

How to brush your dogs teeth? Next week I will be giving you a little  tutorial in just that, so remember to sign up for the blog!

  • Comb and brush

If you have a semi-long or long haired dog you need to brush them regularly in order to keep their fur-coat nice and shinny and of course fight off the inevitable dreadlocks that always seem to find their way behind the ears.

  • Nail clipper or trimmer

Most dogs don’t wear down their nails by themselves and need a weekly trim of their nails. I would recommend to have a look at this page https://www.facebook.com/groups/nail.maintenance.for.dogs/learning_content/ in order to learn how to properly teach your dog to get his or hers nails trimmed without making it a struggle and possibly traumatizing your dog.

  • Collar with tag

The tag holds the dogs name and your phone number, in case they should run away.

  • Microchip

Although your dog might have a collar, it is so important for them also to be micro chipped as they can lose the collar.

  • Poop-bags

It is a law that you have to pick up after your dog so this one is a real essential. You can now get poop bags that are more environmental friendly – I have found these ones to be really good – you can even open them wearing gloves 😀

Billedresultat for environmentally friendly poop bags dogs

  • Tick remover

Despite using different preventatives be it the pill, liquid or collar you still need a tick remover. During the summer you need to check your dog daily for tics. Tics can cause severe disease and even death if left on your dog.

  • Shampoo and balsam

These are specially made for dogs, and come in quite essential when your dog has decided to roll in poop or take a mud bath (trust me…it will happen 😉 )

  • Bowls for their food and water

Stainless steal lasts for a long time and are less damaging to the environment than the plastic ones you can get. Your dog should always have access to clean water. As you might know I am not a big believer in feeding dogs only in bowls, but also bringing in different feeding toys or using their food for training.

  • Towel

For drying their feet when they come home from your adventures and for drying them when it is pouring down outside. Stay tuned for my upcoming blog on how to teach your dog to get their paws cleaned after your walk.

  • Seat belts or crates for your car

Your dog has to be securely fastened when you drive with them. Not only can they harm themselves, they can also harm you or disturb your driving.


If you can think of any other must haves for your dog please write them in the comments below.

Until next week, happy paw shakes for you all <3

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  1. Elisabeth skriver:

    A selection of toys and a harness if you choose that rather than a collar. I would also recommend a long leash for walks in the forrest etc. and another shorter one for walks in the city or for training.