What is an Ethologist?

An ethologist is a person who studies ethology, also known as animal behavior. The word ethology comes from the Greek ethos, which means “character”. An ethologist study the behavior of an animal and use scientific knowledge to explain the studied behavior. Ethologists can work in many different places, but as the science is relatively new, not many people know about them. Some ethologist work in Zoos in close contact with the animal caretakers and provides help in enrichment for the animals as well as come up with good layouts for new enclosures. Others work in veterinary clinics helping both the staff and the clients understand why a pet reacts in a certain way. Or they can, like me, work as consultants, helping pet owners understand their pets behavior as well as how to change certain unwanted behaviors. They can be involved with animal clinics, shelters or the local pet store and have lectures or continue their scientific studies.

Are wolves and dogs related?

Wolves and dogs share a third of 1% of their DNA. The present-day wolf is not the ancestor of the dog, however wolves and dogs do share a common ancestor.