Is your dog fearful of other people or animals? Or maybe your dog does not dare to go outside? Whatever fear your dog is dealing with Life with a Dog wants to help!

Fear in dogs often displays itself in either a flight or fight response. Fear is an emotion and by helping your dog deal with that emotion the reactions this emotion is causing will automatically also go away.

Life with a Dog has created the program Life with a Fearful Dog to help you help your dog overcome their fear.

What is Life with a Fearful Dog Program?

The program runs over 5 weeks with 2 follow up consultations 1 month and 3 months after. We start with a meeting where you get to share the problems you are having with your dog along with answering a questionnaire to help me understand you and your dog better. During the following weeks we go through management, different exercises for both you and your dog along with setting your dog up for success by learning dog body language and providing choices.

Life with a Dog only works with positive reinforcing and rewarding methods, setting the dog up for success!

Who is it for?

It is for you who is struggling with your dog’s fear and just want a normal life with your dog, for you who want to understand your dog better, for you who want to help your dog to not be fearful and anxious and for you who want to be able to communicate better with your dog and create a stronger bond.

How can I enter the program?

Contact me today to see if you are a candidate for the Life with a Fearful Dog Program!