From the 25th of May 2018 a new law regarding how personal information is handled will be implemented in Europe. It is called the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and regulates how your personal information is handled by a business – basically who is allowed to handle it and how it is handled. GDPR will replace the current law PUL (personuppgiftslagen) that until now has worked in Sweden. The difference is that a business has to be more transparent now in how your personal information is handled and what exactly they need it for. Furthermore, the client – you, will also have more influence in how your personal information is saved, or if you want it saved at all.
At Life with A dog you have signed a contract where your personal information is stated. Life with a Dog needs this information to be in contact with you on a regular basis, finding your home, being able to act should an emergency occur but also for bookkeeping and payments which means that besides me Charlotte Louise Friis, CEO of Life with a dog, my accountant (Accountant T) also has access to your personal information. My accountant has signed a document stating that he will keep your personal information safe in accordance to the law.
Furthermore, your personal information is used to send you news in the form of mail, or text messages.
Your personal info is protected by either being locked up in safety boxes or saved on a protected drive with limited access.
Your personal information will not be kept longer than possible. When your information is no longer needed it will be removed and deleted from our system. In the event that a contract has been terminated your information might still need to be saved for bookkeeping purposes.

Right to restriction of your personal data

You are entitled to request a temporary limitation of processing of your data in the below mentioned cases: – When you believe your information is incorrect and you have therefore requested a correction with us. You may then request that processing of your information be limited while the investigation is in progress. – When personal data processing is illegal, you oppose the removal of your data and instead request that the use of these data be limited. – When you need your information in order to determine, enforce or defend legal claims, even if we no longer need your information. – Once you have objected to the processing of your information, we may continue to process your information during the time of the check. – If the processing of your data is temporarily limited, we will inform any second parts, such as an accountant that this temporary restriction has taken place. However, this does not apply if it proves impossible or imposing an excessive effort. You request a limitation on processing your information by written request to

Right to erasure

Your personal information is processed by us during the time you are a customer and
for the time thereafter that is necessary to fulfill the purposes of our treatment.
Further information on how long your personal information is kept can be obtained on
request. Invoice information and invoice data are saved as long as necessary by
As a customer, you have the right to have your information deleted if any of the
following conditions apply:

  • If the data is no longer needed for the purposes for which they were processed.
  • If your agreement is based solely on your consent, and you will recall this.
  • If you oppose the processing of personal data that occurs after a balance of interest and there are no legitimate reasons that weigh heavier than your interest.
  • If data has not been processed according to the regulations.
  • If deletion is required to fulfill a legal obligation.
  • If data is deleted, both the CEO and the accountant are informed.

However, this does not apply if it proves impossible or imposing an excessive effort.
We will also, at your request, inform you of who the information has been provided to.
You can at any time require a statement of the information Life with a dog have on
you, and should you wish changes or removal of your information, please send an
email to