How happy does your dog really make you?

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It is no secret that having a dog makes life a little better and makes you more happy. Dogs are there for us no matter which mood we are in. They are ready to play if we feel playful, they are by our side if we need to take a walk or a run and they are there when we feel sad, ready for cuddling or giving us kisses to take our tears away. Dogs are man’s best friend!

Happy human, happy dog?

But how happy do dogs really make us and does it go both ways?

A new study performed here in Sweden have now shown that not only are they our best friend, they are also good for our health. Earlier science has shown us that by taking those daily walks with your pooch you lower your blood pressure and decrease the risk for blood clots and heart diseases.

Happy dog and human walking

However, this new study has now showed that when a human pet their dog, they get a Oxytocin boost, just like when a new mother breastfeed her child. Oxytocin is known as the happiness hormone and when released into the body it decrease stress and sadness – it makes you happy! This also increase the bond you have with your dog. By petting your dog and releasing Oxytocin you automatically feel happier and less stressed. But that is not all the study found. By taking blood samples from both owners and dogs after a petting session, the researchers found that it is not only humans that get that Oxytocin boost, dogs gets it too!!!

This is good news for the both of you as Oxytocin not only makes you feel happier in general but also has a profound physiological effect, as it lowers your heart rate and blood pressure, making you healthier and possibly able to live longer.

Check out this short video about the study here:


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