Becoming an Ethologist 1

Becoming an Ethologist


Being an Ethologist has definitely been one of the most interesting paths in life I have ever taken. I started my studies moving into the nursing world, and ended up with a bachelor in nursing and 4 years of work experience, but I always felt like something was missing. I didn’t click well with working with people and my brain was on a stand still. I had always liked biology, and my love for dogs was indescribable, having begged my mum for one since I was 9 although not getting one until I was in my mid twenties. Chester, my first rescue from Portugal, brought a whole new perspective on life for me with him – the responsibility, the connection, the partnership, the experiences and challenges but most of all so much unconditional love and getting my second Portugal rescue Belga just doubled all that.

It therefor wasn’t a hard decision, but more a relief to start studying again and this time studying animals. From the first day of my bachelor in Biology I loved every step of the world I had now entered – the knowledge, the unknown and the amazing passion from the professors who shared their catching stories every chance they got. It felt more like days than years when I got my degree after having written a bachelor thesis about the dog law in Denmark along with one of my dear friends.

Now came the time to pick a Master and along with my Bachelor body we found a Master’s program called Applied Ethology and Animal Biology at Linköping University in Sweden. This world was even more fascinating and exciting than the first and the professors even more engaging with their stories. Stepping into the world of animals and learning how to observe their behavior, realizing how much they are trying to tell us is beyond anything I could imagine.

Now I am here, a year after finishing my masters and I have started Life with a Dog, with help from both Chester and Belga as my two great canine ambassadors and test bodies when I come up with new enrichment games, as well as a ton of amazing supportive people. The world of owning your own company has definitely come with its challenges and more administrative tasks than I could have ever imagined, but it is all worth it when I get to wake up every morning knowing that I get to help another dog communicate better with his or her human.

Here I go!